02/06/13 - Hylands House

Time: 7:30 PM

Date: 02/06/13


Hylands House

Hylands Park London Rd, Chelmsford CM2 8WQ

Philip Joy - Hylands House

Philip Joy - Hylands House

Other Information:

Seeking Stillness for unaccompanied cello was written in 2012 for a concert of solo cello music given by the composer in Buttsbury Chruch in Essex - a beautiful 14th Century building kept open by the diocese especially for private prayer (see below) 

The first half of the piece depicts the agitated state of minid of the seeker whose mind is a whirl of troubles and anxieties. The second half illustrates the deep repose which descends as the seeker finds in the stillness of the empty church rest from their burdens and a sense of peace amidst their troubles, which do not so much go away, but are transformed and rooted in Christ´s peace.

In this concert at Hylands House the composer is appearing as supporting artist to soprano Jackie Pittman, and will be performing Seeking Stillness during the second half.