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Instrumentation Recording Score
Kerry Milan A Rapture Suite - a tone poem arr. Piano Trio Violin, Violoncello and pianoforte
Nicholas Peters Golden Sunset, Blue Rain, Vol. 4 vocals, Scottish tin whistles, melodicas, Tibetan singing...
Nicholas Peters Golden Sunset, Blue Rain, Vol. 3 vocals, Scottish tin whistles, Tibetan singing bowl, egg...
Nicholas Peters Golden Sunset, Blue Rain, Vol. 2 Tibetan singing bowl, Scottish tin whistles, vocals, Ableton...
Nicholas Peters Golden Sunset, Blue Rain, Vol. 1 vocals, Scottish tin whistles, Ableton Live (digital signal...
Robert Ramskill Intermezzo Piano solo
Robert Ramskill Prelude in C sharp minor Solo Piano
Kerry Milan "Footsteps" for piano trio with viola alternative violin, cello, piano with viola option
Charles Paterson Short Service SATB Choir
Nicholas Peters Invocation of the Spirits hurdy gurdy drones, bass drum, tambourine, cymbals, vocals,...
Nicholas Peters The Clouds Will Pass Piano, bass guitar, vocals, synthesizers, electronic delay...
Charles Paterson Heaven SSATBB Choir
Charles Paterson Antiphon SSATBB Choir
Nicholas Peters Sunflower Serenade Orchestra
Charles Paterson Matins SATB Choir
Robert Ramskill Prelude in F#major Solo Piano
Robert Ramskill Prelude in E major Solo Piano
Kerry Milan "Footsteps" for Horn Trio F horn,pianoforte,violin - with alternative flute option...
John Middleton Symphony No 5: The Metaphysical Symphony Orchestra
Robert Ramskill Prelude in B minor Solo Piano