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The recording is of an arrangement for Trombone, Piano and Percussion of the classic Tango La Cumparsita .

Follow these links to hear two compositions in Latin style - Caramba for flute and piano

and Praia D Ouro for Trombone and piano:

Reviews of Robert Ramskill´s Brasswind Publications:

TAKE 4: "The arrangements are skilful and melodic material is well-shared between the parts....They work equally well with a quartet or a much bigger group."

Peter Broadbent, Music Teacher magazine, September 1992

JAZZAMATAZZ: "It is pleasing to see new, original material like Jazzamatazz being written" [for ten piece brass ensemble at medium difficulty]. "This three movement suite, by the experienced brass writer Robert Ramskill, exploits the medium to great effect and, at about Grade 5, offers the young ensemble an ideal iontroduction to ten piece playing".

Matthew Thistlewood, Music Teacher magazine, April 2003

FROM VIVALDI TO FATS WALLER: "Low brass gets a book that the less heavy instruments will be envious of.... some fantastic music for Trombone and Euphonium".

Music Teacher magazine, 1994

JAZZY CONNECTIONS: "...there wasn´t one we didn´t enjoy playing. Both my pianist and I don´t play jazz very much, but we had a thoroughly good time with the whole album. The trombone parts are accessible, with a two-octave range (F-F)..... The piano parts lie well under the hands (seemingly) and really enhance the soloist´s part.

These arrangements and originals would be good for pupils to play in school concerts or GCSE performances, or even for someone with more experience wanting a lollipop to fill in a recital. Good value for money and great fun."

The Trombonist, September 2000