Clement Jewitt - That Which Was

That Which Was


String quartet

Recording, download - 7.52MB

Other Information

This work has a long history, originating in some sketches from the late 1980s which did not quite achieve workability. At that time the composer was at the start of his compositional journey, striving to extricate his own authentic voice from the habits of the past: hence the title.  Then in 2011 serendipity turned up the sketches, and a re-working and completion produced the string quartet form. Consists of 4 movements in the traditional way.  Duration c20´. 

Premiered in the 70th birthday concert at the Jacqueline du Pre Music Building by the Astaria String Quartet

"I have to say that I think the string quartet was as near being a masterpiece as it is likely to get."  Raymond Head, composer and conductor. Not sure what he means exactly . . .