Rosemary Duxbury - Mirrors of Light 2

Mirrors of Light 2


piano solo

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Rosemary Duxbury - Mirrors of Light 2

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Mirrors of Light 2  is a 9 minute piano piece.

Rosemary writes, “In recent years of writing, I knew I had opened up to a greater exploration of my own consciousness. It’s an ongoing journey and this time it felt I was traveling through ‘space’ showing me new areas waiting to be explored. Following this, Mirrors of light began to emerge. As is usual with my work, I perceive light informing the structure. I could sense mirrors involved as if light was being projected into space so that I could see something beyond.”

The result was two piano works named Mirrors of Light. Mirrors of Light 1 is a piano sonata with 3 movements, played continuously. Mirrors of Light 2 is a single movement work which can be played independently or as a companion work to follow Mirrors of light 1.

The World Premiere of Mirrors of light 2 was given by Patricia Siffert in 2011 at the renowned Reitstadl Kulturhaus in Neumarkt, Germany, as part of an exciting new artistic collaboration between artists of three nations: Patricia performed alongside projection of Annette Horn’s photographic images and a newly choreographed dance by German ballet dancer Oliver Essigmann.

The British Premiere took place on Friday 22nd June 2012, at the Fraser Noble Hall, Leicester, UK, followed by a repeat performance in the Chapter House, Gloucester Cathedral on Saturday 23rd June 2012. 

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