Rosemary Duxbury - Passage



piano solo

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Passage is a 14  minute piano sonata in 3 continuous movements composed by Rosemary Duxbury in 2000. It is dedicated to her husband, Mike Duxbury. 

Swiss pianist, Patricia Siffert premiered it at the Fraser Noble Hall, University of Leicester, England in 2006 and the London premiere was at Burgh House in 2008.  Patricia has also recorded it on the album “Streams” (Charasound). Marvin Rosen gave Passage its first radio broadcast in August 2010 on his radio show ‘Classical Discoveries’ WRPB Radio in America.

The title is a play on words and explores the ideas of transformation, journey, the passage of time or a tunnel or channel as well as being simply a piece of music. 

Passage is recorded by Patricia Siffert on the CD "Streams" (Charasound 2006).
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“Rosemary´s music has that combination of artistic integrity and accessibility to a wide audience that eludes most contemporary composers. In the piece entitled Passage, repeating melodic patterns passed through harmonic waves suggesting a tension between that which alters through time and that which stays the same. The deep bass reminded me of Arvo Part, while the melodic patterning reminded me of Bach. Both composers, like Rosemary, who remind us that creative energy is divine in nature and origin.”
Stephen Gamble, music critic, Leicester Mercury.


“Duxbury’s ‘piano sonata’. Passage was composed in 2000 and is dedicated to her husband. It is a striking work that has power, depth and maintains the listener’s interest, in spite of the (apparently) relatively limited material used. It is the first minimalist piano sonata that I have heard and I enjoyed it very much.”

John France, Music Web International