Philip Joy - Ex Libris Aureis

Ex Libris Aureis


Symphony Orchestra

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Score, download - 1.70MB

Philip Joy - Ex Libris Aureis

Other Information

Ex Libris Aureis for orchestra was written in memory of Robin Golding and first performed by Lavenham Sinfonia in 2011. A note in the score gives this programmatic description: “As we gaze up the central aisle, the beautiful library is full of mystery and strange objects. Our eyes see bay upon bay, row upon row, shelf upon shelf of aged gilt-writ volumes, rich with cultural heritage. Yet the library is not empty. A woman sits turning pages, and a man, fretting with busy study, takes down volume after volume, going back and forth in the course of his creativity. And as we ourselves reach down a great tome, open and read, we share Keats’ experience upon first opening Chapman’s Homer, as the glory of new vistas bursts forth upon our consciousness.”


Philip Joy - Ex Libris Aureis