Rosemary Duxbury - Streams I - IV

Streams I - IV


piano solo

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Other Information

 “Streams” is a collection of 4 piano pieces. 

Swiss pianist, Patricia Siffert premiered them at the Fraser Noble Hall, University of Leicester, England in 2006.  Patricia has also recorded it on the album “Streams” (Charasound). 

Talking about her work, Rosemary says,“As a composer my initial source of inspiration is from within, a place where I feel the life-force, which can be experienced as streams of light and sound, can be accessed. Hence the title  ‘Streams’. If the music inspires or uplifts the listener, and can enable them to discover that place or source within themselves, then I am delighted and feel the music has been successful.”


"Streams" has been performed in the UK, Switzerland, Germany and most recently by New York concert pianist Emily Wong in Minneapolis.



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