Philip Joy - Napoli '92!

Napoli '92!


Piano Solo

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Philip Joy - Napoli '92!

Other Information

This piece evokes the bustle of Naples experienced during a visit with my wife in 1992, when the first bars were composed at a piano in our apartment - although it has taken until latterly for the composer to develop the Neo-tonal style sufficiently to realize the whole piece. 

Amongst the bustling sounds the careful listener will even hear a snatch of Italian opera: as very early one morning my wife and I heard a street cleaner below our apartment (see photo below, a typical Neopolitan grilled gate and balconied apartment building), brushing in the dazzling sunlight, whistling Verdi!

For an essay on Neo-Tonal Harmony used in Napoli ´92!, click on Appendix 1.

For a Linear Analysis of Napoli ´92! , click on Appendix 2

For a Motivic Guide of Napoli ´92! click on Appendix 3.

For a description of a seminal lecture by composer Robin Holloway which set new directions for his own writing and enthused Philip Joy leading to "All these notes" - preparing the ground for neo-tonal harmony click here: "ALL THESE NOTES" blog 




Philip Joy - Napoli '92!

Philip Joy - Napoli '92!