Philip Joy - Napoli '92! APPENDIX 1

Napoli '92! APPENDIX 1


An informal harmony treatise on the Neo-Tonal Triad

Score, download - 1.22MB

Philip Joy - Napoli '92! APPENDIX 1

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This is an informal harmony treatise for those interested in the Neo-Tonal Triad, what it is, and what it has to offer as an organizing principle of harmonic writing similar, yet uniquely different, to the traditional Tonic Triad.

NEO-TONAL HARMONY - a quick guide.

As Robin Holloway once said: "we have the freedom to use all these notes."

By clicking on ´Score´ you can read my essay on Neo-tonal Harmony which I have written as a special appendix for this month: APPENDIX 1 It gives some harmonic insights into Napoli ´92!, the work selected as my February 2014 CCA Composer of the Month feature.