Mark Whitefield - Prelude 3

Prelude 3


Wind Orchestra

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Mark Whitefield - Prelude 3

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Prelude 3 for Wind Orchestra now available from

Prelude 3 can best be described as having an ABA structure which begins with a plaintive melody that is played on a solo flute that is in turn passed to a solo clarinet at which point a rhythm can be heard for the first time played on the triangle as the main body of the orchestra take up the flute melody and slightly develop it.   

As for the rhythm it becomes increasingly more complex as we reach Stringendo con brio section with the introduction of the bass, kit and timbales drums as the music is propelled forward to towards the Allegro ma non troppo scherzando section. Which has a new melody that is passed around the solo instruments and the main body of the orchestra as the music progresses to the final section of the prelude.  Which is a more complex and elaborate version of the opening section as the music concludes with full orchestra and the additional instrument of a guitar.