Mark Whitefield - Prelude 4

Prelude 4


Wind Orchestra

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Mark Whitefield - Prelude 4

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Prelude 4 can best be described as consisting of a four section structure that is telescoped into one continuous movement. 

The music begins with a 2/4 time signature and makes much use of a four bar motif that is passed from one instrument to another, as an ostinato rhythm is played on the bass and kit drums, while at the same time a new counter melody can be heard mainly in the brass. This acts as a brief interlude as the music progresses to the second section. When the piano enters for the first time it is mainly utilized as a percussive instrument, adding a rhythmic texture to the music as it becomes ever more complex. The more contrapuntal elements begin to give way to melodies that are either played in unison or passed from one instrument to another as they continue to push the music forward to the third section.    

The third section has an atmosphere that is for the most part meditative in tone. The piano and occasional vibraphone providing a plaintive element to the music while the brass instruments provide most of harmonic material with occasional harmony coming from the woodwinds as the music progresses to the final section of the Prelude. The final section can be thought of as a restatement of the second section to a certain degree with the piano once more utilized for its percussive possibilities. Some of the earlier musical elements are reintroduced and developed but with added complexity as the music is propelled ever onwards towards its conclusion.