Robert Ramskill - World War 1 Medley (orchestral version)

World War 1 Medley (orchestral version)


Chorus, Audience and Orchestra (;; Timps, 3 perc.; Chorus; Strings)

Recording, download - 2.76MB

Score, download - 0.25MB

Other Information

This arrangement of It s a long way to Tipperary and Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag (first separately then combined) was written for the St. Michael s Singers to perform with full orchestra in a gala concert in Coventry Cathedral on 27th September 2014.

Note to Orchestras and choirs: If you would be interested to try the piece out just contact me with a request for a score, vocal score and set of orchestral parts (downloadable as PDFs). There is no charge for this but if the piece is subsequently used in a public concert I would appreciate notification of the event and also a one-off nominal fee for the use of the music of 30.00 pounds, cheques payable to: Robert Ramskill, 142 Woodside Avenue, COVENTRY, CV3 6BE