Tarot Conway - Ave Maria

Ave Maria


SATB a cappella

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Tarot Conway - Ave Maria

Other Information

 This piece was written in 1997 to be performed as a modern partner to the Josquin de Prez [1440-1521] setting of the same words. Though it is designed to complement the piece, the only shared material between the two is the text, I chose not to go down the route of taking themes or phrases from the des Prez version but instead to allow myself to become influenced by the clarity and simplicity of his writing. In doing this I have striven to produce a work which pays homage to des Prez but is definitely not an ‘in the style of’ piece and is firmly in the present.

After the success of several performances I have taken the opportunity to make some alterations. The whole of the work is based upon a simple two bar phrase which is given to the tenors at the opening of the piece. New material grows from this phrase throughout the composition although the opening phrase is never left very far away.


The live recording is of Kingfisher Chorale conducted by David Fisher at Fraser Noble Hall, University of Leicester, on Saturday 11th October 2003.


Here are the words and the translation:


Ave Maria, gratia plena,

Dominus tecum, Virgo serena.

            Hail Mary full of grace

            The Lord is with you, fair virgin

Ave cujus conceptio, solemni plena gaudio,

Caelestia, terrestria, nova replet laetitia.

Hail to you whose conception, full of holy joy

            Fills heaven and earth with new rejoicing.

Ave cujus nativitas, nostra fuit solemnitas,

Ut lucifer lux oriens verum solem praeveniens.

Hail to you who birth we celebrated,

            Like the day-star rising foretelling the true sun.

Ave pia humilitas, sine viro fecunditas,

Cujus annunciatio nostra fuit salvatio.

Hail, holy & humble one, fruitful without a man,

            Yet whose annunciation was our salvation.

Ave vera virginitas, immaculata castitas,

Cujus purificatio nostra fuit purgatio.

Hail, true virginity, spotless chastity,

            Whose purification cleansed us also.

Ave praeclara omnibus angelicis virtutibus,

Cujus fuit assumptio nostra glorificatio.

Hail to you who excel in all the angelic virtues,

            You whose assumption glorified us also.

O Mater Dei, memento mei. Amen.

O mother of God, remember me. Amen.