Mark Whitefield - Embers



Saxophone Quartet, Flute and Marimba or Piano.

Recording, download - 8.08MB

Score, download - 0.18MB

Mark Whitefield - Embers

Other Information

Embers is a Sextet for a Saxophone Quartet, Flute and Marimba or Piano. 

The piece is cast in several sections but structurally it is telescoped into one continuous movement. 

The music begins with a solo flute in 4/4 playing a plaintive melody. Which will be developed as the music becomes more contrapuntal in nature as the piece progresses. There is also much use of alternating time signatures such as 3/8, 5/8, 2/4 and 5/4. Which creates a more complex and dynamic rhythmic element within the piece. 

The sextet concludes with a form of recapitulation as some of the elements from the earlier material are drawn together and developed. But with added complexity as the music moves ever onwards towards its conclusion.