Rosemary Duxbury - Kabir says...

Kabir says...


soprano and piano

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"Kabir says..." a setting of a poem by the 15th c Indian mystic Kabir, translated by American writer Bob Hays.


After being introduced to each other in Minneapolis, writer Bob Hays, sent Rosemary Duxbury his poetic translations of the 15th century Indian mystic Kabir. Bob’s version focuses on an inner experience Kabir was describing. It makes the point that the divine is to be found within the seeker’s own body and mind, revealed as light, sound a wave of bliss, a knowing or more expanded consciousness.


World Premiere performed by soprano Katerina Mina and pianist Andrea Benecke at St. Sepulchre´s Church in London 25th Feburary 2016.




´The shadow of love 

deepens on the body´s wall


Over the mind´s cities

it is falling like evening


Throw open the western windows

and vanish into twilight


Petals flicker open

around the bright calyx


at the night´s heart

your own heart


beyond night and day

and dark and light


and you´re more awake now

than you´ve ever been


you understand

that this is love


you taste its honey on your tongue

it rolls through your body like a wave


like a shimmer of bells

like a lowing of blown conches


like a skirl of bagpipes

in the empty palace


of the sea

of splendors


Kabir says: listen friend

if you want to see God


just look into the depths

of your own body´


Poetry by Kabir (c.1440-1518) 


Translation by Bob Hays


Recorded by mezzo soprano Bhawani Moennsad and pianist Symeon Ionnidis at the Berlin State Opera Rooms in 2015.

Katerina Mina and Andrea Benecke present the German premiere at the Steinway Haus, Munich, 26th February 2016. 

Rosemary Duxbury - Kabir says...