Paul Henley - Bethlehem Junction

Bethlehem Junction


Vocal Soloists, Chorus, and Orchestra

Recording, download - 9.87MB

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'Bethlehem Junction' is a staged Christmas Musical lasting ca.1 hr. 15 mins. but designed to have an interval between parts 1 and 2. It is scored for Flute (doubling Piccolo), Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano, Drums and Strings. The production commences with a depiction of Creation and the Garden of Eden and during this, Adam and Eve perform an extensive dance. Then the Prophet appears telling of the birth of the Messiah. Then there is a more contemporary type setting of the Christmas events as more (or less) depicted in the New Testament. It has been produced three times - in 1987, 2014 and 2018. Though a Musical, the vocal writing is often operatic in style. The recording on the left is of the duet, Streamers from Heaven sung by Mary and Joseph. The video recording is of the duet, Holy is His Name sung by Mary and Elizabeth.