Trevor Jones - Bernadette (opera in three acts)

Bernadette (opera in three acts)


8 solo voices, chorus and strings

Other Information

Bernadette Soubirous lived in southern France in the foothills of the Pyranees mountains in a small village called Lourdes. Living a simple life of poverty with her family, she went to a grotto where she saw a vision of the Virgin Mary. During a particular encounter with the 'lady in white', the lady held out her arms and declared herself to be The Immaculate Conception. Bernadette's story is typical of children who have experienced visions, by not being believed and even accused of villany and lies.

The opera, in three acts, accompanied by a string orchestra, unfolds the story from the time the impoverished Soubirous family arrive at a former single room lock up to the death of Bernadette at a convent in the French town formerly called Nevers. The final act concludes with the In Paradisum sung in Latin, adapted from the composer's Requiem.