Kerry Milan - "Footsteps" for Horn Trio

"Footsteps" for Horn Trio


F horn,pianoforte,violin - with alternative flute option instead of the violin.

Recording, download - 4.35MB

Score, download - 1.42MB

Other Information

Unlike the other songs composed around the same time, Footsteps (1997 - see below) was written not for voice and piano, but with a band backing track, in the spirit of crossover, its deep melancholy springing from the fact of our having learnt of a local suicide and the traumatic effect it had upon the partner. Now, in April 2020, and hearing of our coronavirus lockdown perhaps continuing for months to come and of the surge of mental health problems already reported, the words, and the music, have a renewed poignancy.

It is fitting that twenty three years after their mother originally recorded the work this new arrangement for horn trio should be written for Caroline Milan's children; though when there will be an opportunity to record this haunting version remains to be seen.

The work also works well with flute instead of violin so an alternative flute part is included too.