Robert Ramskill - 24 Preludes for Piano

24 Preludes for Piano


Solo Piano

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22nd May 2022 saw the launch of my 24 Preludes at a concert in Drapers' Hall, Coventry. The 3 concert pianists (who each played 8 of the preludes) were Julian Hellaby, Cecilia Xi and Darren Leaper. 

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After each prelude listed below there is a youtube link to a video recording made on the day by Alan Hames and later edited by Alan and David Fisher. 


1. Prelude in C major  (…. Overture).

2. Prelude in C minor  (…. La Muerte y La Brújula).

3. Prelude in G minor  (…. The game’s afoot).

4. Prelude in D flat major  (…. Nocturne No.2).

5. Prelude in F sharp minor (…. This prelude’s a fugue!)

6. Prelude in B flat minor   (…. Yours disgusted of Tunbridge Wells)

7. Prelude in A minor   (…. Back to the future [October 2015].)

8. Prelude in F major  (….How shall I sing that majesty ).

9. Prelude in E minor (…. Berceuse)

10. Prelude in G major (…. Humoresque).

11. Prelude in D minor  (…. Temps perdu).

12. Prelude in G sharp minor – (…. Nuestras vidas son los ríos). 



1. Prelude in E flat minor   (…. Won’t you join the dance?)

2. Prelude in E flat major  (…. Once upon a time in the East [of Leeds]).

3. Prelude in F sharp major (…. Two part invention).

4. Prelude in D major  (…. The eternal optimist).

5. Prelude in F minor   (…. Elegy.)

6. Prelude in B major  (…. Quicksilver.)

7. Prelude in A flat major (…. Sixth sense).

8. Prelude in C sharp minor   (…. Lembrança do Rio).

9. Prelude in E major  (…. Mazurka No.1)

10. Prelude in B flat major  – (…. Chanson triste.)

11. Prelude in B minor  (…. Efaristo Poli.)

12. Prelude in A major  (…. January 1st, 2021).