Tarot Conway - Heuristic Knowledge

Heuristic Knowledge


2 Pianos and 2 Soprano voices

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Tarot Conway - Heuristic Knowledge

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Lyrics by Robert Stewart

He likes to walk around in circles on the grass, his hands tied behind his back, pondering the circumference his movement creates.

And as he does so, he notices that at the centre of this hypothetical circle, there lies a worm coiled up like an elaborate curlicue, around a small golden stone.

Struck by the peculiarity of the occurrence, he continues walking in a circle for fear that a pause would break the circle and, in some mysterious and elliptical way, the disposition of both the snail and the golden stone.

This thought comes to him, at first, only intuitively and, deep down at a practical level, he realises that this is actually very foolish of him; for how could his failure to shape a circle around the worm affect the worm and, in turn, the golden stone?

But as he continues walking, he realises that this is not quite as foolish as he at first imagined and that, in spite of the self-evident reservations of common sense, at a more abstracted and esoteric level, at an imperceptible level, there is some reason in his structured perambulations, some fragment of logic to his imprecise steps.

It is for this reason that, if you are so inclined, you will still find him treading out the circle on the grass.