Rosemary Duxbury - On Wings of Light

On Wings of Light


piano solo

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Rosemary Duxbury - On Wings of Light

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"On Wings of Light" is a 12 minute piano piece. It is recorded on CD "On Wings of Light", and is available as sheet music, published by Charasound. 


It is contemporary, spiritually inspired, classical piano music, with hints of Debussy colouring. Exquisite and transcendental, this is written for a discerning concert pianist.

It is dedicated to Swiss pianist, Patricia Siffert who premiered it at the Jaques-Dalcroze Institut, Geneva in 1998. Its London premiere was at Burgh House, Hampstead, in 2008.


"The music combined an ethereal quality with enormous breadth, so that the effect was of a potent lightness,calling to my mind at least a sense of mystic journey and resolution."
Jane Pearson writing for ´Women in Music Now´



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