Rosemary Duxbury - Angel Whisper

Angel Whisper


Choir SSATB with soprano solo

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The setting of 'Angel Whisper' is for unaccompanied choir SSATB with a solo soprano. The words are from an improvised poem by the contemporary English poet Jay Ramsay. From these words, Rosemary has made 3 sections a sort of musical triptych.

The work was written as a result of the Kingfisher Chorale and the Central Composers Alliance setting a commission for new choral works and was premiered at the University of Leicester's Fraser Noble Hall in October 2003, and has received several performances since. 'Angel Whisper' is dedicated to the Kingfisher Chorale and its conductor, David Fisher.

REVIEWS "The performance of Angel Whisper, the lyrics taken from an improvised poem by Jay Ramsay and set to music by Rosemary Duxbury was magical, the layering of the words and voices  gave me goose bumps and made the hair on the back of my neck tingle,  this lady has such talent as a composer". Sue Gould. Leicester.

"Rosemary Duxbury's evocative, seamless Angel whisper, in which her original use of layered words and haunting, sustained harmonies made a serene but telling impression". Neil Crutchley, Leicester Mercury.

"Thank you again for the opportunity to sing your wonderful composition...which must be a firm favourite in our repertoire now." Choir member, Kingfisher Chorale.

"Your musical composition is so beautiful and unearthly. The Midlands choir lifted it to the heavens for us all. It was delightful to hear one of Jay's Jay Ramsay poems set to music and it's total transformation beyond spoken language." Lara Fiedler, Dancer, Glos. UK.

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