Rosemary Duxbury - Light Falling

Light Falling


string orchestra and harp

Recording, download - 3.13MB

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Rosemary Duxbury - Light Falling

Other Information

Light Falling was composed in 1992 and premiered in 1993 by the Helix Ensemble conducted by Jonathan Grieves-Smith at Loughborough Town Hall, England. Rosemary has also conducted this piece with the Helix Ensemble at the Fraser Noble Hall, University of Leicester. 

In 2006 ´Light Falling´ was recorded by the Italian orchestra Sinfonica Aosta conducted by Emmanuel Siffert. Leader/solo violin Stefano Variagnelli, solo violin Andrea Bettarini, solo viola Christina Porebska, solo cello Guideppe di Stefano. It was recorded by Renato Campajola and Mario Bertolo in Italy for the CD ´Streams´ on the Charasound label.

Marvin Rosen gave it its first radio broadcast on ´Classic Discoveries´ of WPRB Radio in America.

"Beautiful and touching" Tony Foord, Loughborough Echo

"Your music Rosemary is so, so beautiful.  Tears come to my eyes every time I hear Light Falling." Marvin Rosen, concert pianist and radio show host, USA.

"Light Falling" is available on the CD "Streams". For more information please visit