Rosemary Duxbury - Without words, without silence

Without words, without silence


piano solo

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Without words, without silence´ is an 8 minute piano solo composed in 2008. It was written in memory of the composer´s father. Premieres were given by Swiss pianist Patricia Siffert in Leicestershire and in London in November 2008.

Rosemary writes "There are many occasions when we may experience a communication happening on another level, where we can discover that which is beyond words, beyond even the silence, and we are touched by a deeper language that of the heart where we can find our own truth. The intention of this piece is to invite the listener to enter into a still place within, where ones own unique understanding may be realised, in a place without words, without silence. The title is from a zen koan, chosen after the music was composed."


" ´Without Words, Without Silence´ is one of those too rare moments when truth and beauty unite in artistic expression. In our increasingly mechanical world, people need music of the heart to breathe spiritually. ´Without Words, Without Silence´ opens the silence of eternity and touches the soul with sound" Stephen Gamble, music critic.

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Watch Youtube video: Julian Hellaby performs 'without words, without silence' in concert at Holy Trinity Church, Coventry. November 2018