Clement Jewitt - Chechnya Story

Chechnya Story


2 narrators, trombone, 2 percussion, strings 4 2 2 1

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1997, after a text by Olivia Ward, award winning reporter for the Toronto Star. 2 narrators, trombone, 2 percussion, strings 4 2 2 1. Duration 32 . Performed in Birmingham (March 1998) and in Canada House, London (March 2000):

" most striking melodrama. [The] clearly sincere text doesn t quite match the intensity of the beautifully unfolding music, but together with it combines to an over-whelming statement of compassion. Words set by composers like Schubert and Bach become transfigured by the process of being adorned with music, and for one of those rare times in my life, I felt that such comparisons are anything but ridiculous." Stephen Daw, Coventry Evening Telegraph.

" brooding score a harrowing backdrop to the spoken word left a Canada House audience haunted." Mitch Potter, Toronto Star.

"A powerful thought provoking epic dramatic score." Vivian Ellis Prize Readers comment they considered the text too slight for their purposes, however.