Robert Ramskill - Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra

Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra


Orchestra(2222/4230/3 perc./strings) and Tuba solo

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Other Information

(1992) 27 Minutes; also available in a version for tuba and piano and in the orchestral version ( from Warwick Music.

.the Concerto for Tuba, a mighty work of some 900 bars of highly organised material requiring virtuoso skills from the soloist and, in this version, from the pianist. In three movements the work is mostly fast-moving and requires great agility from both players; even the slow movement has the unusual direction of andante espressivo e scherzando. Although the work is modern in conception, with discordant harmony, the composer asks for no outlandish tricks beloved of the old avant-garde; the player must merely cope with some tricky changes of time-signature and be a master of the whole range of the tuba. The weak-hearted need not apply .

Rodney Bashford (in a review of the tuba and piano version of the work),

Music Teacher, April 1993.

This You Tube link is to a computer-generated performance of the first movement - The recording is of the slow movement in the version for Tuba and Piano (electric keyboard in this case) with Colin Sneade playing the solo part.