Robert Ramskill - Music on the Moon

Music on the Moon


Soprano, Violin and Piano

Recording, download - 2.30MB

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Other Information

The four poems set to music here are:

i) Music on the Moon (Ted Hughes) ii) in Just . (e e cummings) iii) Oddments, Inklings, Omens, Moments (Alastair Reid) iv) Taboo to Boot (Ogden Nash)

There is no particular theme linking the choice of poems set here, just a feeling that they complement each other effectively as we progress from the zaniness of the title song, through the exuberance (and occasional wistfulness) of in Just , to the atmospheric ruminations of Oddments, Inklings, Omens, Moments arriving finally at the robust humour of Taboo to Boot.

The attached recording is of the first song and features Jenny Saunders (soprano), Adam Summerhayes (violin) and Julian Hellaby (piano).