Robert Ramskill - Jabberwocky - Suite for Orchestra

Jabberwocky - Suite for Orchestra


2222/4331/Timps, 2 Perc., Strings

Recording, download - 1.76MB

Score, download - 1.02MB

Other Information

This suite is in 6 short movements each inspired by Lewis Carroll s poem: Twas Brillig; The Slithy Toves; The Jabberwock; The Tumtum Tree; The Vorpal Blade; O Frabjous Day.

It is recommended that the relevant section of the poem be read out to the audience before each movement.

The Jabberwocky Suite was given its first performance by the Coventry Youth Orchestra in the orchestra s 50th anniversary concert on July 14th 2012.

The attached recording is a MIDI version of Twas Brillig. For the complete piece follow this youtube link:

Note to Orchestras: If you would be interested to try the piece out just contact me with a request for a set of parts (downloadable as PDFs). There is no charge for this but if the piece is subsequently used in a public concert I would appreciate notification of the event and also a one-off nominal fee for the use of the music of 50.00, cheques payable to: Robert Ramskill, 142 Woodside Avenue, COVENTRY, CV3 6BE