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7:30 PM, 17/06/18
Fraser Noble Hall London Road Leicester LE2 1EF Sonja Grossner s HUMORESQUE is a short, light piece being performed in the version for...
7:30 PM, 24/04/17
coventry coventry  variations for string orchestra on theme by Handel.
7:30 PM, 12/04/17
St Mary's Church St Mary Street, Weymouth DT4 8PU 2017- Weymouth Lunchtime Chamber Concerts. Performance of Appassionato for cello and...
7:30 PM, 08/03/17
Padua, Italy Italy, Padua Performance of Double Concerto in Padua, Italy. The orchestra conducted by Maestro...
7:30 PM, 15/01/17
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7)  Hanbury Sketchbook for organ solo
7:30 PM, 15/01/17
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7)  Song of Pan for flute solo and piano
7:30 PM, 14/01/17
radio arts indonesia indonesia  Street Life 1
7:30 PM, 14/11/15
'Humoresque' for strings Clarendon Park Congregational Church, London Road, Leicester, LE2 3BE Humoresque for strings is to be performed by the University of Leicester Sinfonia...
5:53 PM, 13/08/15
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7)  ´ For Spring´ piano sonata. Soloist Duncan Honeybourne
1:59 PM, 11/08/15
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7) ´  Humoresque´ for string quartet,
8:17 AM, 10/08/15
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7)  ´A Hanbury Sketchbook´ for  organ, Soloist Duncan Honeybourne
1:21 PM, 10/08/15
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7)  ´Appassionato´,  Sonata for Cello and piano. Soloists, Sharon...
8:03 PM, 09/08/15
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7)  ´Autumn´ for oboe solo
8:56 AM, 07/08/15
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7)  ´Five Songs of impressions of Poems by Oska Wilde
5:47 PM, 07/08/15
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7)  ´String Quartet No 3, ´Dark Adagio´
8:23 AM, 05/08/15
radio arts indonesia  ´Double concerto ´ for bass trombone and clarinet.
7:30 PM, 04/08/15
'fantasy fragments' for trumpet and electro acoustics Radio arts indonesia
1:40 PM, 03/08/15
'survival' for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, cello and percussion Birmingham composers ensemble
1:40 PM, 03/08/15
radio arts indonesia  ´survival´ for flute, clarinet,  piano, violin, viola cello and...
7:51 AM, 31/07/15
approaching storm Radio arts indonesia  for sound sculptures and voice.  ( Derek Shiel´s soind sculptures)
7:32 AM, 13/03/14
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7)  ´Suite for John´ for piano solo. Soloist Duncan Honeybourne
3:49 AM, 12/03/14
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7)  ´Survival´ musical story of the life of a cheetah for flute, clarinet,...
12:45 PM, 11/03/14
embrace arts Richard Attenborough Centre, Lancaster Rd. Leicester, LE1 7HA  A repeat performans of Piano Recital by Gilliam Butcher playing my Romeo and Juliet...
3:11 AM, 11/03/14
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7)  ´Sonata for mixed ensemble´
7:31 AM, 11/03/14
radio arts indonesia  ´Autumn Leaves Autumn colours´ for oboe solo 
4:43 AM, 10/03/14
radio arts indonesia  ´Humoresque´ Movement from fifth string quartet
7:47 AM, 10/03/14
radio arts indonesia  ´A mother´s Prayer´ for mezzo soprano, piano, violin, viola cello,...
4:29 AM, 09/03/14
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7)  ´Uxbridge sketch book´ for organ solo
7:52 AM, 09/03/14
radio arts indonesia  ´Appassionato´ sonata for cello solo and piano .soloists Duncan...
11:30 AM, 08/03/14
the chapel cafe Town hall square Leicester, le1 6af  Piano recital by Gilliam Butcher playing my Romeo and Juliet suite
5:07 AM, 08/03/14
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7)  ´Upton sketch book´  for organ solo. Soloist Duncan...
7:17 AM, 08/03/14
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7)  ´Four Kinds´ for four clarinets
1:21 PM, 08/03/14
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7)  ´Scherzo´ for trombone and piano
4:58 AM, 07/03/14
radio arts indonesia  Hanbury sketch book for organ solo. Soloist Duncan Honeybourne
7:58 AM, 07/03/14
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7) ´ For Spring´ piano sonata Soloist Duncan Honeybourne
1:52 PM, 07/03/14
radio arts indonesia (GMT+7) ´ Dark Adagio´ string quartet
12:00 PM, 23/01/13
radio arts indonesia,com (GMT+7),com time difference; (GMT+7) ´ ´Symphony No 2,...
7:30 PM, 23/06/12
Frazor Noble Hall, Leicester Frazor Noble Hall, Leicester on the corner of London Rd. & University Rd.  "´There was´ Stories" poems by Edward Lear, for full orchestra...
7:30 PM, 05/03/11
Frazor Noble Hall, Leicester Leicester ´Destiny´ for full orchestra,
7:30 PM, 15/07/10
Richard Attenborough Centre Leicester Soloist Jonathan Wakefield ,  Dawn and Twilight song, flute solo