Terence Thompson

Terence Thompson [1928 - 2010] was born in Staffordshire.
His career was that of composer, teacher, and clarinettist/saxophonist.  After military service with the Band of the South Staffordshire Regiment, he trained at the Birmingham School of Music as it then was, and from 1950-1959 he was music master at West Bromwich Technical High School, combining this with a short period as part-time clarinet tutor at the Birmingham School of Music.  From 1960-1966 he was a Head of Music, followed by part-time lecturing at West Midlands College of Education, and a full-time Senior Teacher post at Wolverhampton Music School.  Throughout this period he also taught clarinet and saxophone at an independent school, and continued his career as a free-lance orchestral player and recitalist.


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Wolverhampton newspaper obituary

Known throughout the West Midlands and further afield as a great teacher, composer and performer of the clarinet and other woodwind instruments, this short obituary acknowledges the legacy left by...