David Fisher - Friends



Bass solo, oboe and string quartet

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David Fisher - Friends

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[Photos on left: the Red House and Snape Maltings in 1971 at the time of meeting Britten] 

This short work, to words by Walter de la Mare, was written for bass solo, oboe and string quartet [or string orchestra] and dedicated "To Benjamin Britten in admiration" which result in an invitation from Britten to travel to Aldeburgh to meet him and Peter Pears as well as attending a performance of John Piper´s production of "Turn of the Screw" at the Snape Maltings and meeting all the cast afterwards. A new edition of the piece was prepared for a performance at Leicester Cathedral on October 12th 1013 although not performed due to a change of programme.


Friends by Walter de la Mare

               When on my bed I lie,

               To sleep and rest,

               My two hands loosely folded on my breast,

               As all men´s are when they the long sleep share,

               It seems they are closer friends than ever I guessed

               They even in childhood were!


Photos below:

[L] Benjamin Britten and [R] Walter de la Mare

David Fisher - Friends

David Fisher - Friends