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Title Instrumentation Recording Score Video
The Angel Aria
Soprano solo, SATB and chamber orchestra
In the Stable - mixed voices
Soprano Solo, SATB, Chamber Orchestra.
Verbum Caro
SSATB a cappella
Gloria in excelsis! - mixed voices
Mixed voices [SATB with divisi in S & B] and organ.
In the Stable - upper voices
Mezzo soprano/soprano, two countertenor/altos, alto...
Gloria in excelsis! - upper voices
Upper Voices [2 sopranos, mezzosoprano & 2...
The Gift to Sing: Alleluia!
SATB [with divisi in S & B] and Organ
Benedicat Domino
Mezzosoprano and Countertenor duet with violin and organ...
Ach, mein herzlieben Jesulein
Countertenor solo with soprano, mezzo and countertenor,...
The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
SATB Choir and Baroque orchestra [original instruments]
Song for St. Nicholas
2 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, 2 countertenors and organ
Richard III: Out of the Deep
SATB, baritone solo, Organ
Nunc gaudet Maria
SSAA + piano/organ
The Singing Angels OR Angels sing with pious mirth!
SSAA & Organ
The Legacy
Three Choirs and Organ [it is possible to sing this with...
Fit for a King - Variation 7
Wind Quintet [Fl. Ob, Cl, Fg, FH]
The Christ-child
Soprano, Alto and Piano
Bracia Patrzcie Jeno
SATB a cappella
The Tiffany Anthem
SSA + Organ
Augsburg Elegy
Flute, Oboe, Oboe 2/Clarinet, Bassoon, Strings
Laudate Dominum [complete cantata]
Soprano solo, SSATBB, 2 Fl, 2Ob, 2Cl [ad lib in movements 1...
Laudate Dominum de caelis
Soprano solo, 2 Fl, 2Ob, 2Cl, 2 Bn; 2Tr & 2 Hn [natural...
Wedding Motets
SATB with divisi
Omnia vincit amor
SATB with divisi
Sonata in Canon
Four Flutes / Four Trumpets
The Angel Aria
Soprano Solo, SATB & Organ
Ave Maria
SATB with divisi
4 Trs, 2 Troms, Bass Trom, Tuba, Organ, Percussion (4...
The Young May Moon [Variation 8]
Brass Quintet
My Choice Is Made
Choir - Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass
Soprano solo, SATB + divisi + authentic classical...
Let us build for ever
Children's choir, piano and 10 percussionists: Scaffold...
Laudate Dominum
Soprano solo, SATB Choir + divisi + authentic classical...
Stille Nacht / Silent Night
Flute or soprano descant [ad lib], guitar [ad lib], SATB
Little Donkey
S solo [ad lib], SSATBB
All is Well
Reader, clarinet, piano, children's choir
Mass to the Trinity
Soprano, Soprano, Alto soli, SATB Choir + divisi
Seven Ages of Man
countertenor or bass [with soprano & tenor alternatives],...
Violin, clarinet and piano
Hymn to the Trinity
SATB Choir + divisi, optional Soprano solo
The Four Seasons
Solo Piano
Aspects of Time
Large children’s choir, piano; also version written for...
Soprano solo, SATB with divisi
Carnival des Animaux [an arrangement for brass ensemble of three movements]
3 Trumpets, French Horn, 2 Trombones, Bass Trombone, Tuba
Viva Italia
VERSION 1 [original]: 3 Trumpets, French Horn, 2 Trombones,...
The Litanie
Soprano solo, SATB with divisi
Collect for St Martin's Day
Tenor solo, ATBarB
Ave Regina caelorum
AABar [or SAT] soli, SATB
God be merciful
Alto, Tenor, Bass OR Tenor Baritone, Bass
Bass solo, oboe and string quartet
Mary Laid Her Child
SATB with divisi + optional organ accompaniment
Adam lay ybounden
SATB and organ
Domine, non est
SATB a cappella with optional S & Bar soli