David Fisher - Ave Maria

Ave Maria


SATB with divisi

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David Fisher - Ave Maria

Other Information

The second of three wedding motets

Dedicated to David Boddaert and Chloë Proctor

First performed at Chloë and David’s wedding on 28th July 2002. The first concert performance was at Hugglescote Parish Church in October 2002.   A ternary form wedding motet, set to words from Ave Maria and an ancient Gaelic blood vow, in which the choir in the central section accompanies a soprano and bass duet [David & Chloë’s voice parts] and the piece ends in C sharp, the key note of which is the mid-note between their initials. The divisions in the vocal lines only occur in the soprano, alto and bass parts.

Ave Maria gratia plena Dominum tecum. Ave, gratia plena. [Liber Usualis]

You are Blood of my Blood & Bone of my Bone I give you my body that we two might be one I give you my spirit till our life shall be done. [Gaelic blood vow]

Duration 3:15