David Fisher - Benedicat Domino

Benedicat Domino


Mezzosoprano and Countertenor duet with violin and organ accompaniment

David Fisher - Benedicat Domino

Other Information

Written for the popular series of A Countertenor's Christmas concerts held at Evangelische Versoehnungskirche, Ehrenfeld in Cologne, Germany by Joachim Diessner von Isensee and his remarkable set of soloist friends and guests. On this occasion [December 11th 2016] the soloists are Joachim Diessner [countertenor] and Bhawani Moennsad [mezzosoprano]. The organist was Markus Belmann and the violinist Vassili Voronin. The words are taken from the Selden manuscript [Selden MS. B.26 f. 24v & Selden MS. B.26 f. 25] at the Bodleian Library, Oxford. The score is in a dual language version, the English translation being by the Rev. J. O Connor. The call for a violin to enhance the piece came as a late request but it was nice to be given the opportunity to write for a violinist as assured and beautifully-toned as Mr. Voronin, especially as the two soloists are so well matched as well.

1. David ex progenie, Nata fuit hodie, Virgo mater gracie, Vite restoracio.

2. Ex spina rosa nascitur, In qua fructus gignitur, Per quem mors destruitur, Et datur salvacio.

3. Natus es de virgine, Sine viri semine, Patrit compar Domine, Regans sine termino.

4. Cujus fuit passio, Omnium redempcio. Nostra ergo concio, Marie cum Filio.

Benedicat Domino.

A video of the Benedicat Domino is available by clicking here.