David Fisher - Nunc gaudet Maria

Nunc gaudet Maria


SSAA + piano/organ

David Fisher - Nunc gaudet Maria

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Written for the popular series of Countertenor´s Christmas concerts held at Evangelische Versöhnungskirche, Ehrenfeld in Köln, Germany by Joachim Diessner von Isensee and his remarkable set of soloist friends and guests: Ute Eisenhut, Melissa Hegney and Arnon Zlotnik. On this occasion the quartet was augmented by the Australian mezzo, Suzanne McLeod, which meant that, she replaced Melissa Hegney in this carol. The organist was Markus Belmann and the glockenspiel/bell part was performed in the première by the trumpeter Joachim Bertsch. 

This is one of several compositions featured in Köln over the years  but following, in particular, the very successful première performances of "The Christ-child" with Dame Emma Kirkby and Herr Diessner in December 2012 and "Angels sing with pious mirth!" [SSAA + Organ] in 2013.

This piece for the fourteenth concert in the series is a setting of these medieval words:

Nunc gaudet Maria

1. Mary is a lady bright, She hath a Son of mickle might, Over all this world she is light, Bona natalicia.

2. Mary is so fair of face, And her Son is full of grace, In heaven (may) He make us a place, Cum sua potencia.

3. Mary is so fair and bright, And her Son so full of might, Over all this world He is light, Bona voluntaria.

4. Mary is both good and kind, Ever on us she hath mind, That the fiend shall us not bind Cum sua malicia.

5. Mary is queen of every thing, And her Son a lovely king; God grant us all (a) good ending; Regnat Dei gracia.

Nunc gaudet Maria



Left [top]:

Cover design – the stained glass cover photograph by the composer [Virgin and Child, Germany 1515, situated in the Palacio de Pena, Sintra, Portugal.]

Left [bottom]:

The programme of music

Bottom Left [top]:

(from left to right) Markus Belmann [organ], Ute Eisenhut [soprano], Suzanne McLeod [mezzo], Arnon Zlotnik & Joachim Diessner [countertenors]

Bottom Left [bottom]:

Poster design

Bottom Right [top]:

(from left to right) Joachim Diessner & Arnon Zlotnik [countertenors], Suzanne McLeod & Melissa Hegney [mezzos], Ute Eisenhut [soprano], Markus Belmann [organ]

Bottom Right [bottom]:

David Fisher in rehearsal with Markus Belmann

David Fisher - Nunc gaudet Maria

David Fisher - Nunc gaudet Maria