David Fisher - Ach, mein herzlieben Jesulein

Ach, mein herzlieben Jesulein


Countertenor solo with soprano, mezzo and countertenor, violin [optional] and organ accompaniment

David Fisher - Ach, mein herzlieben Jesulein

Other Information

Written for the popular series of A Countertenor s Christmas concerts held at Evangelische Vers hnungskirche, Ehrenfeld in K ln, Germany by Joachim Diessner von Isensee and his remarkable set of soloist friends and guests. On this occasion [December 11th 2016] the countertenor soloist is Arnon Zlotnik with Joachim Diessner [countertenor] and guests Ute Eisenhut [soprano] and Bhawani Moennsad [mezzosoprano]. The organist was Markus Belmann and the violinist Vassili Voronin. This version of the carol is a reworking of Balulalow, written in 1983 as a companion piece to Mary Laid Her Child with a prominent soprano solo dedicated to Jacquelyn Parker [later a singer at Glyndebourne Opera]. Transposed down a fourth and with an accompaniment of violin [optional] and organ or solo organ. Although written in German with words by Martin Luther [from Vom Himmel hoch], the score has alternative words in modern English and the medieval translation by James, John and Robert Wedderburn. Each verse is introduced by an increasing number of the accompanying singers before they join the soloist in the last verse. The range of the soloist is from F 3 to E5 although A3 to D5 are given as alternatives.