David Fisher - Aspects of Time

Aspects of Time


Large children’s choir, piano; also version written for Leicestershire Schools’ Symphony Orchestra Brass and Percussion Ensemble

David Fisher - Aspects of Time

Other Information

Commissioned for the Farnham Festival 1983 and performed by the Preapratory Schools Choir conducted by Richard Stevens at the Great Hall, Farnham Maltings; also performed at the Three Choirs’ Festival, Worcester 1984 and by the Leicester Bach Choir, Leicester Cathedral 1991. Kingfisher Chorale performed the work in November 2002 with the dedicatee, Anthony Wilson, playing the piano. A version written for David Fishers Master of Music portfolio is scores for brass & percussion and performed by players of the Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra.

1. Time  to spare [2/4 & 3/4]

2. Yesterday [4/4]

3....no proportion kept  [5/4]

4. The Clock [6/8]

The images are of the front cover and programme notes of the first performance in 1983.

David Fisher - Aspects of Time

David Fisher - Aspects of Time