Nicholas Peters - Journey Deep, Deep River

Journey Deep, Deep River


Fixed media: Sampled choir, manipulated using PaulStretch software and Ableton Live software by Nicholas Peters

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Other Information

Duration: 25´07"

Based on the Traditional Spiritual "Deep River" arranged for SATB by Adriano Secco, this version has been transformed into an ambient 25 minute soundscape by Nicholas Peters.

Here, the recording of the CUPA Choir performing "Deep River" (conducted by John Yaffé in April 2014; recorded by Nicholas Peters) has been reprocessed electronically using a variety of time stretch parameters, saturators, compressors, EQs, reverbs and delays. The original recording of the CUPA Choir has been resequenced and multilayered such that the vocal phonemes and vowels from different words form new sounds, generating harmonic overtones, binaural beats and exciting crescendi/diminuendi as the vocal intensities rise and fall.