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Title Instrumentation Recording Score Video
Mindful Moments with two Goalbati Singing Bowls
two Goalbati Himalayan singing bowls, field recordings
Sound Bath: Seven Jambati Himalayan Singing Bowls
seven Jambati Himalayan singing bowls
Spirit of the Himalayas Shamanic Singing Bowl
Shamanic Himalayan singing bowl, field recordings
Sound Bath: Himalayan Singing Bowls and Rain
Mani Himalayan singing bowl, four Jambati Himalayan singing...
Rain and Thunder Therapy
Field recordings
Mother Earth
Manipuri singing bowl, low D whistle, field recordings,...
A Beautiful Wedding
Viola da Gamba, Celtic zither, acoustic guitar, orchestra,...
Frankenstein: The Highlights
Orchestra, choir, piano, synthesizers, fixed media
Orchestra, choir, piano, synthesizers, fixed media
Orchestra, choir, piano, synthesizers, fixed media
Orchestra and choir.
Explorers in the Arctic Circle
Orchestra, choir, synthesizers
Flying Home
Orchestra, soprano solo, choir; piano solo; electric piano...
Dreams of the Deep (432 Hz)
Piano, synthesizer drones and pads.
Golden Sunset, Blue Rain, Vol. 4
vocals, Scottish tin whistles, melodicas, Himalayan singing...
Golden Sunset, Blue Rain, Vol. 3
vocals, Scottish tin whistles, Himalayan singing bowl, egg...
Golden Sunset, Blue Rain, Vol. 2
Himalayan singing bowl, Scottish tin whistles, vocals,...
Golden Sunset, Blue Rain, Vol. 1
vocals, Scottish tin whistles, Ableton Live (digital signal...
Invocation of the Spirits
hurdy gurdy drones, bass drum, tambourine, cymbals, vocals,...
The Clouds Will Pass
Piano, bass guitar, vocals, synthesizers, electronic delay...
Sunflower Serenade
Orchestra, electric piano
Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (108 Times)
voice, synthesizer drones, suspended cymbals, chimes
Spiritus Spatium
Composed using Spitfire Audio LABS virtual instruments.
Martian Catwalk
Synthesizers, Theremin, electronic bass, electronic drums,...
The Dancing Medieval Minstrels
soprano recorder, two medieval lutes, virginal...
Medieval Dance 1
Bombarde (chanter), medieval lute, virginal (harpsichord),...
Horror Soundscape 1
electric guitars, de-tuned grand piano, orchestral strings,...
Doctor Faustus (Soundtrack Medley)
Fixed media (stereo): Recorded voices and electronics
Journey Deep, Deep River
Fixed media: Sampled choir, manipulated using PaulStretch...
Morricone In The Phantom Band
Live electro-acoustic: melodica and electronic delay system.
The Birthday Party (Incidental Soundtrack)
Live electro-acoustic: sampled vocals; prepared MIDI patches
How I Got That Story (Incidental Soundtrack)
Live electro-acoustic: prepared vocal samples.
Hope Still Shines For You
Fixed media: vocals (performed by Nicholas Peters (tenor and...
Tribute to the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble
Fixed media: bass clarinet; prepared piano; bowed cymbals;...
A Little Noise in The WASP
Live electro-acoustic: WASP synthesizer; electronic delay...
The Face of Mae West (Live Installation Soundtrack)
Live electro-acoustic: Ableton live; samples (Mae West)
Convexity (Film Soundtrack)
Fixed media: Korg X5D Synthesizer; vocals (performed by...
Bodies on the Edge (Installation Composition)
Fixed media: didgeridoo; vocals (performed by Nicholas...
I don’t know why… but we felt safer there!
Fixed media: Recorded vocals (performed by Katherine Jewkes...
Blank Planet (Interactive Film Soundtrack)
Fixed media: vocals (performed by Nicholas Peters (tenor and...
Kaspar (Complete Soundtrack)
Fixed media: Theremin; wine glass; metronome; vocals...
Mother Figure/Drinking Companion (Incidental Soundtrack)
Fixed media: recorded piano
As You Like It (Incidental Soundtrack)
Fixed media: Scottish tin whistle; Korg KARMA Synthesizer.
Axis Mundi
Fixed media: Vocals (performed by Nicholas Peters (overtone,...
Rhythmic & Phonetic Semiotic Punctutation
Fixed media: Microsoft Narrator (multi-tracked)
The Crucible (Incidental Soundtrack)
Fixed media: recorded vocals (Nicholas Peters (tenor and...
Indigenous Electric
Bass Clarinet; Theremin; Korg X5D Synthesizer
Fixed media: multi-tracked Theremins with effects.