John Middleton - Ivanhoe Symphonic Suite

Ivanhoe Symphonic Suite


Symphony Orchestra

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Other Information

The original 2000 short score of the Ivanhoe opera includes 3 preludes and 3 interludes for the corresponding Acts 1-3, none of which were used in the performance of 2011. I have transfered them to long score and reorchestrated the movements. The final version also includes the short overture used in the live premier in 2011, and a finale based on the interlude and final bars of Act 3 Scene 3.

The work is symphonic, in that a variety of motifs undergo increasing development and recombination during the course of the whole.

1. Tragic Overture

2. Tournament at Ashby de la Zouch

3. Rebecca nurses Ivanhoe

4. Forest Journey and Abduction

5. Siege of Torquilstone Castle

6. Flight to Templestowe

7. Rebecca in the Dungeon

8. Awaiting a Champion; Finale

The recording link is to the 7th movement