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Title Instrumentation Recording Score
How did we come to this?
SATB choir and organ
Symphony No 6: Folie a deux
Symphony Orchestra
Symphony No 5: The Metaphysical
Symphony Orchestra
Fantasia on themes from symphony no 1
Classical Guitar
A Poet's Journey 1914-17 Song Cycle
Tenor voice Piano
Margaret and Arthur, the chamber opera
Voices Violin Bassoon Piano
Te Deum
SATB choir and organ
Symphony No 1
Symphony Orchestra, piano and solo violin
Symphony No 3 'The conversation'
Symphony orchestra Soprano soloist Baritone soloist
Fit for a King - Variation 6
Wind Quintet [Fl, Ob, Cl, Fg, Hn]
8 voices SATB
Ivanhoe 2010 version (Opera)
Chamber orchestra and 8 voices
Bird Symphony (Symphony No 2)
Symphony orchestra
St John Passion (Oratorio)
Solo voices, SATB chorus and orchestra
Ivanhoe Symphonic Suite
Symphony Orchestra
The Trumpet
A Private
String Quartet
Symphony No 7: Songs without the words
Symphony Orchestra
Symphony No 8: 'Jazz in the lockdown'
Symphony orchestra
SJP Orchestral suite
Symphony Orchestra
Songs from a sheltered place
Soprano, piano and saxophone
A blessing for your wedding day
Voice Keyboard Electric guitar or sax Bass guitar
Duet for Anthony and Grace
Flute Double Bass
Symphony No 4 'A Blackbird in Quorn'
Symphony Orchestra
'The Word' - Oratorio
SATB choir and tenor soloist. Clarinet, Cello and Keyboard...
Animal love - Song
SATB voices and piano
The Robin
String Quartet
TH Sonata
Flute and piano
Rothko by Moonlight
Alleluia from Latin mass 1994
Voice and guitar or keyboard