John Middleton - Ivanhoe 2010 version (Opera)

Ivanhoe 2010 version (Opera)


Chamber orchestra and 8 voices

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John Middleton - Ivanhoe 2010 version (Opera)

Other Information

This is the performing version of the opera which had its premiere on 9.7.11 by the Ivanhoe Festival singers and orchestra, directed by Kate King. The libretto is based on the novel by Sir Walter Scott. I had the privilege of singing the part of Malvoisin in the performance.

It is a revised and abridged version of the score completed in 2000. The main changes involved removing three preludes and interludes which would have required a full orchestra and added considerably to its length.(2 hours)

A particularly fine duet between Ivanhoe (Lyndon Gardner) and Rebecca (Clare Proctor)....the music itself created an effective mediaeval atmosphere.. Leicester Mercury

...a lovely interlude where one could almost imagine the scenery and the costumes of this historical epic. The capacity audience was warmly appreciative... Loughborough Echo

Double CD containing whole opera, libretto and programme


John Middleton - Ivanhoe 2010 version (Opera)

John Middleton - Ivanhoe 2010 version (Opera)