Sonja Grossner - "Appassionato" sonata

"Appassionato" sonata


Cello and piano

Recording, download - 2.46MB

Other Information

This sonata for cello and piano was commissioned by Duncan Honeybourne [below right] and Sharon McKinley [below left] , and premiered in January 2000 in Birmingham Cathedral. A further performance took place 5th April at Loughborough University and it has also been broadcast on Radio Indonesia. The score and complete recording are available from composer. The recorded extract is only a part of the complete work which lasts 8´55".

Visitors to this site might also be interested in this link to the Dorset Echo which is about Sharon McKinley being accompanied by Duncan Honeybourne at her last ever perfomance in 2010.

Sonja Grossner -

Sonja Grossner -