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Composer Title

Instrumentation Recording Score
Nicholas Peters Horror Soundscape 1 electric guitars, de-tuned grand piano, orchestral strings,...
Nicholas Peters Medieval Dance 1 Bombarde (chanter), medieval lute, virginal (harpsichord),...
John Middleton Te Deum SATB choir and organ
Robert Ramskill There is sweet music here SATB Choir and Piano
Robert Ramskill In The Fast Lane Trumpet and Piano
Robert Ramskill Back Chat Trumpet and Piano
Robert Ramskill Reflections Trumpet and Piano
Paul Henley Piangendo String Quartet
Mark Whitefield Six Bagatelles Solo Flute
Paul Henley Five Epigrams Piano
Paul Henley Let Earth and Heaven Combine Choir (SATB)-a cappella
Paul Henley Still the Night, Holy the Night A cappella Choir - SATB
Paul Henley Moonlight, summer moonlight Mezzo-soprano and Piano
Paul Henley Piano Trio Violin, Cello and Piano
Paul Henley To the Gentle Light String Orchestra
Mark Whitefield Slipstream Oboe and Piano
Robert Ramskill Four-part harmony for arrangers - the basics
David Fisher Gloria in excelsis! - mixed voices Mixed voices [SATB with divisi in S & B] and organ.
David Fisher In the Stable - upper voices Mezzo soprano/soprano, two countertenor/altos, alto...
David Fisher Gloria in excelsis! - upper voices Upper Voices [2 sopranos, mezzosoprano & 2...

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